Application - Hoppu, resto druid

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Application - Hoppu, resto druid

Postby application » Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:17 am

In game name (including previous names if any): Hoppu
Age: 27
From: Finland

I was with your raid group for a while yesterday with my gf (Chesha). I was playing on my hunter, Suttu, but might prefer my druid as my main while raiding.

Class and build: Restoration Druid
Dual Spec: Feral dps

Alts: I could bring the following in case the raid needs different roles: Suttu, Survival hunter; Luppakorva, Blood DK; Porttiteoria, Frost Mage. All are in full LFR gear at least. Suttu the hunter has highest gear at the moment. DK tank has some Flex gear, too.

Link to your Armory page?: ... u/advanced ... u/advanced 550 PvP boots as PvE since they're better suited than my LFR ones. ... a/advanced

Former guilds (on Bronzebeard or on your current realm):
Grumpy Old Dogs, Anachronos 2009 - 2010, as Feral/Resto druid and Prot Warrior. Lich King 10 man and some heroics.
Rise and Shine, Burning Blade 2010 - 2011, as Resto druid pre-firelands
Heat in the Night, Bronzebeard 2012, 2014, social, leveling alts

Why did you leave your former guilds?:
Grumpy Old Dogs went inactive when Cataclysm launched. Rise and Shine was a group of online friends, but went inactive after clearing the opening raids in cataclysm on normal. Heat in the Night is a small social guild between real life friends. Not enough people for raids and we have never been recruiting more people online.

What is your former raid experience (pre-TBC, TBC, WotLK)?
Resto druid and Prot Warrior: Lich King 10 man clear and some heroics.
Resto druid: Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, Four Winds clear.

Why do you want to join Serenity?
I had a few years break from WoW, and I recently came back when my gf wanted to give WoW a shot. Since a few of our friends were still somewhat active in a social guild of their own, we went to keep them company. Now when we've leveled a few characters and tried out LFR - and even had the courage to join a few random flexis - we thought it would be nice to be in a real raiding guild. Our guild only has 6 active players from which usually only 3 or 4 are on at once, so it's not possible in there.

Do you have open applications to other guilds?

Any member in Serenity that can vouch for you?
Hopefully the people we met yesterday.

The important questions now. Please take a moment to think about those before you answer.

This is probably the most important question. We are a raiding guild, and even though we do not force anyone into raiding, we are expecting players that will join us to show interest in raiding at least 3-4 days each week. Are you interested in raiding several days a week regularly???
- Yes, please.

We do not spend a lot of time on farmed content, but we do spend a lot of times on progression, which means a lot of wiping with often very little progress. This is how we kill hard bosses and push the content. Is that what you are interested in?
- That has always worked for me, so yes.

Can you play at our official raiding times which are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 9pm - 12 server time?
- Yes, I can.

Can you log on to the Serenity website to read what is happening and sign up on the raid calendar each week whether you can attend raids or not?
- Yes.

Do you intend to show up for raids prepared, PVE raid specced, repaired, enchanted, gemmed and with a proper set of buffs (food buffs and potions/flasks)?
- Yes, of course.

We are using a Time based, fixed item price DKP system, do you agree with this? (X) YES ( ) NO

(X) I have read the Guild Charter and agree to it
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Re: Application - Hoppu, resto druid

Postby Mjöl » Mon Sep 15, 2014 5:18 am

Thank you very much for the Application, will contact you and talk this evening :)
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