Application - Chesha, hunter

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Application - Chesha, hunter

Postby application » Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:09 am

In game name (including previous names if any): Chesha
Age: 30
From: Finland

Class and build: Hunter, Beast Mastery
Dual Spec: -

Alts: In case needed, I have a Frost msge, Rautaketju LFR geared.

Link to your Armory page?: ... a/advanced

Former guilds (on Bronzebeard or on your current realm):
- Heat in the Night

Why did you leave your former guilds?:
- The guild wasn't active enough.

What is your former raid experience (pre-TBC, TBC, WotLK)?
- none

Why do you want to join Serenity?
- For experience

Do you have open applications to other guilds?
- no

Any member in Serenity that can vouch for you?
- Nathaniel and others from yesterday.

The important questions now. Please take a moment to think about those before you answer.

This is probably the most important question. We are a raiding guild, and even though we do not force anyone into raiding, we are expecting players that will join us to show interest in raiding at least 3-4 days each week. Are you interested in raiding several days a week regularly???
- yes

We do not spend a lot of time on farmed content, but we do spend a lot of times on progression, which means a lot of wiping with often very little progress. This is how we kill hard bosses and push the content. Is that what you are interested in?
- yes

Can you play at our official raiding times which are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 9pm - 12 server time?
- yes

Can you log on to the Serenity website to read what is happening and sign up on the raid calendar each week whether you can attend raids or not?
- yes

Do you intend to show up for raids prepared, PVE raid specced, repaired, enchanted, gemmed and with a proper set of buffs (food buffs and potions/flasks)?
- yes

We are using a Time based, fixed item price DKP system, do you agree with this? (x) YES ( ) NO

(x) I have read the Guild Charter and agree to it: Serenity Guild Charter
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Re: Application - Chesha, hunter

Postby Mjöl » Mon Sep 15, 2014 5:19 am

Thank you very much for the Application, will contact you and talk this evening :)
Thanks to the Themark for my avatar ! (Breast and Arms on Pic not edited, only Hair photoshopped. Seriously.)
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