Application Casual/raiding

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Application Casual/raiding

Postby application » Mon Jun 30, 2014 10:03 pm

(X) YES ( ) NO Note: by ticking YES, you agree to follow the guild charter.

In game name (including previous names if any): Gorame

Age: 18

From: Sweden

Class and build: Death Knight, Frost
(This is the class and specc we expect you to be raiding with, and this is the specc we hope you wish to be playing with. No main-alt changing and no specc changing without approval from the GMs.)

Dual Spec: (Please state which 2nd spec you have with the new dual-spec system and comment your gear for it). Blood, basically no gear for it.

Alts (please comment if you intend on bringing them in the guild and if not, why?): Arms Warrior: Monatero, Survival Hunter: Dofaklim and Shaman Enhancement: Admira. Thinking of bringing them in because i feel like im mostly gonna do PvE in WoD on those characters and i would love to raid on other classes and not just my DK.

Link to your Armory page? (If you are not using your raiding specc because of PvP or whatever reason, please link the raiding specc you will be using): ... ame/simple

Former guilds (on Bronzebeard or on your current realm): Twisted Treeline and Radiance

Why did you leave your former guilds?: Well Twisted Treeline just stopped raiding i really don't know why and when Diablo Reaper Of Souls was released a loft of my guild members in Radiance stopped playing so the raiding teams fell apart and all the raid members went over to another guild which i wasn't avare of because i was busy with school.

What is your former raid experience (pre-TBC, TBC, WotLK)? Blackwing Lair in vanilla, some HC Black Temple in TBC and a lot in WotlK, I killed Lich King on Heroic 25m on another character multiple times.

Why do you want to join Serenity?
I want to continue raiding and also be in a good raiding guild in relase of WoD, Also i received good info about the guild from a member "Sempra"

Do you have open applications to other guilds? No.

Any member in Serenity that can vouch for you? No

The important questions now. Please take a moment to think about those before you answer.

This is probably the most important question. We are a raiding guild, and even though we do not force anyone into raiding, we are expecting players that will join us to show interest in raiding at least 3-4 days each week. Are you interested in raiding several days a week regularly???

Yes i certainly am. Sure there will be days where i can't raid and must study for an exam or finals but i'll join next time.

We do not spend a lot of time on farmed content, but we do spend a lot of times on progression, which means a lot of wiping with often very little progress. This is how we kill hard bosses and push the content. Is that what you are interested in?

Oh yes i am very aware of this, my recent guild Radiance was all about progress and we wiped several times before actually killing the boss, For me that's a lot of fun because when you finally do get that kill you get an awesome feeling of accomplishment.

Can you play at our official raiding times which are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 9pm - 12 server time?

Sunday is a bit questionable if i'll be able to every time but on the other days yes.

Can you log on to the Serenity website to read what is happening and sign up on the raid calendar each week whether you can attend raids or not?

Yes i certainly can.

Do you intend to show up for raids prepared, PVE raid specced, repaired, enchanted, gemmed and with a proper set of buffs (food buffs and potions/flasks)?


We are using a Time based, fixed item price DKP system, do you agree with this? ( ) YES (X) NO
Don't hate me on this one ;p, I am OK with the DKP system.

(X) I have read the Guild Charter and agree to it: Serenity Guild Charter
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Re: Application Casual/raiding

Postby Mjöl » Mon Jun 30, 2014 10:06 pm

Thank you very much for the app, will contact you soon in game.
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