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v. 4.0.1, October 2010

Welcome to Serenity! We are an endgame Raiding guild with a social side that is active later at night. As result of our play times many of our members are working adults who tend be a bit older (20s to 40s) than normal for World of Warcraft. Our goal is to down the hardest bosses offered in World of Warcraft in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We view World of Warcraft as a fun hobby as opposed to a job. Many of us are friends and have been playing together since the early days of Bronzebeard's existence. Others are newcomers to our guild. However we all share the same goal: To see new content, to master all of the raid encounters and to have fun doing so.

Our focus as a guild is on 25 man PvE (Player vs Environment) Raiding

We do enjoy PvP (Player vs Player) in its various forms, however PvP is not our focus.


To help us in our quest to achieve our common goals, we have developed some Principles to guide our Members and the Guild as a whole

You Are Not Alone: The success and advancement of Serenity depends on ALL of its members, including you. Serenity is not a place for anyone who believes themselves to be more deserving of anything than their fellow guild mates.

Make the Most of Your Time: Many of our members are working adults, are in University or have parental responsibilities. We also have social lives outside of World of Warcraft. We don't have the luxury of spending all day in Azeroth. Thus it is important that everyone make their available in-game time count to the fullest. We expect you to put the maximum amount of effort into your playtime whether it is solo grinding or a 25 man fight. We understand if you just want to chat however, when it comes time, you will need to pull your weight.

Be Ready to Learn and Adapt: We like to teach and you, the member, had better like to learn. Its the only way we can overcome the challenges this game throws at us. Even if you are a great gamer, we expect you to become even better. We will help and provide resources to guide you, however its up to you to listen and learn.

Respect Everyone: Serenity members are mature players. We want to be treated with respect and we treat everyone else with respect. This in part means no member is favored in regards to others. This is reflected in our Loot System and our approach to solving problems.


We intend to do all of the PvE 25 man raid instances at our own pace. If your goal is to get geared up in Purple Pixels as quickly as possible, then Serenity is not the guild for you.

We take our time and break down the content into bite sized chunks. We will not move on until we think we were ready. This has proven to be a very successful approach in the past and we fully intend on continuing this approach.

We are players who like tweaking and improving every aspect of our game play. Whether it be better gear, enchants, reputation or just for eye candy, we will always be tweaking our characters and game play. Some of us are theorycrafters, others tinker with User Interface elements and AddOns. If you have a question, ask!

Our current goals as of this date are to clear the 25 man Raid Instances in the game and those that will come in the future. We will not be server first for anything yet we will down the bosses, get the Epics and have fun doing so. We will work hard to learn all the encounters and we expect you to do the same. However, don't expect us to hold your hand and to get “free epics”, we are not that kind of guild.


The following is a list of guidelines and policies that guide Serenity:

-- Loot System --

In 25 man raid instances we use a time based DKP loot system. You can have a look at our tables at

In 5 and 10 man instances, we use normal Need/Greed rolling (and some common sense). If you need an item, you roll Need. If you do not need the item then select Pass and a Enchanter will roll Greed. The item will be Disenchanted and the resulting Dusts/Essences/Shards will be sent to the Guild Bank so we can provide Enchants for everyone. Should you want the item for an Off-Spec use then say so, then select Need.

-- Ranks --

Everyone starts at Initiate, then provided they pass their Initiate period, they are promoted to Member. Current Ranks are as follows:

    Initiate: This is the starter rank and lasts approximately four to eight weeks. During this time the Officers and your Class Leader will monitor and evaluate your performance both in raids and in general. At the end of this time, if the Officers and your Class Leader feel you are up to Serenity's standards, you will be promoted to Member, otherwise you will be removed from the Guild. All other ranks above Initiate have priority over Initiates for both loot and raid slots.

    Alt: Pretty self explanatory: Alts of all members except Officers/GMs

    PvP/Casual Players who are mainly focused on Casual playing or PvP. Members who have been inactive to for a long period of time maybe demoted to PvP/Casual. PvP/Casuals maybe invited to raids however all ranks above PvP/Casual have priority for raid slots/loot. Should a PvP/Casual wish to get promoted, they need to talk with the Officers and their Class Leader and go through an initiation period again.

    Member The core of the guild. Members are active in guild activities and raids. Members have raid/loot priority over all lower ranks.

    Officer Alt: Alts of the Officers and Guildmasters.

    Officer: Officers are responsible for the day to day running of the guild. Officers demonstrate a certain knowledge of the game, their class and their roles. Officers have various roles within the guild including Raid Leader, Class Leader, and Recruitment. Officers also have the same privileges and requirements as Raiders.

    Guildmaster The Big Kahunas of the guild. Guildmasters share the same privileges and responsibilities as the Officers however the Guildmasters have final say on removing members from the guild and GM powers as designated by Blizzard. We have currently two GMs who shares the tasks/responsabilities equally.

-- Guild Bank --

To assist our efforts in clearing the various instances, we make use of the provided Guild Bank to store rare crafting reagents, consumables, resistance gear and rare crafting patterns. Any surplus gear/patterns/crafting materials will be sold to help fund the purchase of ultra rare patterns, crafting materials and future Bank tabs. We strongly encourage any members who finds a rare Bind on Equip pattern or gear to drop it in the Guild Bank so the pattern/gear stays in the guild and thus can be of use to all guild members. Any BoE Epic items or Epic/Rare crafting mats that drops while in a Raid will be looted by the Loot Master and put into the Guild Bank.

Members have access to their own Guild Bank tabs. If you need something from a tab you cannot access, please contact an Officer

Consumables stored in the Guild Bank are intended for use in 25 man PvE Raids only.

-- Conduct while in a Group/Raid --

Serenity will not tolerate any abusive language or anger toward other guild members in Guild chat. This extends to any general chat as will as Party, Raid and Battleground chat and to behaviour while partying with non-Serenity players. Your behaviour directly reflects on Serenity and we expect every Member of Serenity to be respectful, non-abusive and fair with all players.

Any signs of ninja looting activity or other abusive behaviour will be followed by severe warnings and/or immediate removal from the guild.

We further detail what we expect in our raids in our Raid rules posted in the General section of our forums (must be logged into view)

-- Specs --

As Serenity is a raiding guild, we ask that all Members who wish to join our raid to use a PvE raid spec that is compatible with their raid role and that maximizes their raid utility. Outside of raids, members are free to use whatever spec. You may be asked by your Class Leader to change your spec to one that is more in line with your given role. You may be asked to change from your normal PvE spec to an alternate if we have need of that spec for the raid (this depends on your equipment). Should you decline or refuse, your chances of getting a raid slot will be reduced.

With the advent of Dual-specs in Patch 3.1, we will require that you switch to your Raid spec (Spec needed will depend on your role in that night's raid) prior to the start of the Raid.

It is your responsability to do your own research in your class, and show up with the best suitable spec possible. Failure to do so will result in you not getting drafted or demoted.

-- Guild Forums --

Our guild forums are our sounding board and also a repository for great information. This includes boss strategies, theorycrafting, and other useful information. In addition we always post fun bits on the forums to amuse others.

We discuss major changes on the forums as well. This is your chance you make yourself heard. Don't stew in silence.

-- Alts --

You are welcome to bring your collection of alts into the guild. However bear in mind that your raid slots, DKP and other guild activities will determined by your Main. Also you will be invited to raid on the basis of your Main, however there may be times when the services of one of your alts will be needed. You can switch an Alt to be your Main, however you will need to clear that with your Class Leader and the Officers. Keep in mind that bringing an alt is an extreme exception. We usually cancel a raid if we have to rely on alts to get going.

-- Prolonged Absences --

Although we do not consider ourselves to be a "hard core" guild and do understand if you need to take a break from the game, we need active players in the guild. Thus if you are going to take a long break from the game, please inform us via a post on the forums. Should you be gone for a long period of time (a month or more) without telling us, then you may be either demoted in rank or simply removed from the guild.


The following is what will get you on our bad side:

-- Begging --

Do not ask strangers for free goods, services or money. It extremely annoying and it tarnishes Serenity as whole. It will not be tolerated. There is no excuse for begging especially with the addition of Daily quests, some of which can be done in under 10 minutes for an easy 7 to 14 gold. Do a few of the Dailies and you are looking at an easy 200-500 gold a day.

-- Ninja Looting --

There will never be an excuse that will won't get you kicked from the guild. We don't care, if you ninja loot, you are history. For those who are not aware of the term "Ninja Looting" here is an explanation: Ninja looting is taking or attempting to take things that you are not entitled to receive. This can include resource nodes (herbs, ore mines, skinnable beasts, etc.), chests, gear drops, unique quest items, etc.

If you ever in doubt on whether or not you are entitled to a item, ASK FIRST or negotiate via rolling or whatever means to determine ownership of the node/chest/item/etc.

Should we receive a report of a member engaging in ninja looting, the Officers (as soon as possible) will hold a meeting to review any evidence and to talk to those who witnessed the ninja looting in question. If the player is found to be responsible for the stolen loot or behaviour then the offender will be immediately removed from the guild. Depending on the severity of the infraction, a WoW forum post may be made to alert other guilds on the server in regards to the player's behaviour. In addition we do network with other guilds on the server.

-- Antisocial Behaviour --

    - Don't take advantage of newbies or lowbies
    - Don't overcharge for things, lie, or attempt Auction House scams
    - Don't proselytize your religion, politics, or ideas.
    - Refrain from terms that may offend other players. We are a pan-European guild with players from a diverse array of cultures and languages on a European server. Bear that in mind before you say something that might insult someone.
    - Derogatory terms of a sexual, social, racial or other negative nature are not tolerated
    - Ease up on the drama. If an Officer asks you to end a topic, do so.

Anything that reflects badly on the guild will not be tolerated, you are our representative and if you cause us loss of status on the server due to your behaviour, we are not going to be pleased about it. Act mature, think before you take action and remember, while you have the Serenity tag under your character's name, you are the face of the guild.

-- Trade Chat Spamming --

- We will not accept "anal" spam or any sort of annoying or abusive comments on trade chat. If we find someone doing so, they will do it without our guild tag.
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