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CLOSED | app==devilsjester

Postby devilsjester » Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:01 pm

In game name (including previous names if any)Devilsjester



Class and build:
human prot 0/55/16

Dual Spec: holy 51/5/15 working on gear some t9

Alts spiritfury druid RESTORATION 14 / 0 / 57
off spc FERAL 0 / 60 / 11

Former guilds (on Bronzebeard or on your current realm):the royal misfit own guild and raiders of northrend

Why did you leave your former guilds?:left the royal misfits lack of intrest then joined raiders of northrend

What is your former raid experience (pre-TBC, TBC, WotLK)?done most
take a look at my char when u look at it on armory but need to do some more 25m hance the looking for a new guild

Why do you want to join Serenity? hoping to get some more 10/25man content done with a guild that dont skip cos they find it hard

Do you have open applications to other guilds?no

Any member in Serenity that can vouch for you?
sort of speak to Laraht when on my prot

The important questions now. Please take a moment to think about those before you answer.

This is probably the most important question. We are a raiding guild, and even though we do not force anyone into raiding, we are expecting players that will join us to show interest in raiding at least 3-4 days each week. Are you interested in raiding several days a week regularly???
yes i would be able to as i work from home and im on line all the time

We do not spend a lot of time on farmed content, but we do spend a lot of times on progression, which means a lot of wiping with often very little progress. This is how we kill hard bosses and push the content. Is that what you are interested in? yes sounds fine but would like to get some the older run under my belt done when there time to do them

Can you play at our official raiding times which are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 9pm - 1am server time? great times for me

Can you log on to the Serenity website to read what is happening and sign up on the raid calendar each week whether you can attend raids or not? dont see that being a proplem

Do you intend to show up for raids prepared, PVE raid specced, repaired, enchanted, gemmed and with a proper set of buffs (food buffs and potions/flasks)?well if i didnt i wouldnt get very far in a run and cost members time

We are using a Zero-Sum DKP system, do you agree with this? ( x) YES ( ) NO

( x) I have read the Forum sticky: Intro to Serenity
(x ) I have read the Forum sticky: Guild Rules and Goals

Postby igby » Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:18 pm

thanks for the application. Officers will have a chat, we currently have no immediate tank spot in 25 man setup but have room in our 10 mans. We are often short dedicated tank healers so holy offspec would also be handy in our setups. Our raid times are later than most are you available for all of our raid days, I want a clearer picture of how active you intend to be in the guild.
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Postby Guest » Mon Jan 18, 2010 1:39 am

well im on most the time so if im what ur looking for ill be as active as u wish me to be in the guild if im not on devilsjester ill be on spiritfury if u want to have a chat in game

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