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TRIAL | Prot/Holy Acosta

Postby Guest » Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:44 am

In game name (including previous names if any):


Age: 24

From: Portugal

Class and build:


Dual Spec:


Link to Both Specs / Gears see below

Alts (please comment if you intend on bringing them in the guild and if not, why?):
Nalfien, Caputa, Reborned, Arot.
I would rather not as i'm in a social guild with some real life friends allthough i intend to stay active with paladin dont get me wrong but they need my help on their raids on friday but can be discussed

Link to your Armory, CTProfiles, or RPGOutfitters page? (If you are not using your raiding specc because of PvP or whatever reason, please link the raiding specc you will be using):

Wow-heroes accepted?

Former guilds (on Bronzebeard or on your current realm):

Elites(Vanilla), not playing for most of tbc, Order der Trappisten since November 2007 till now. and Will continue hopefully as its a social guild.

Why did you leave your former guilds?:
Elites were under reforming and i stopped playing due to real life issues.
Trappisten i love them but i miss proper raiding(more regularly mostly)

What is your former raid experience (pre-TBC, TBC, WotLK)?
WoLK: OS10 3D, Nax10&25, VOA10/25, Uld10 (7/14), Uld25(3/14) Toc10 (3/5) Toc25(3/5)
Not done: Eoe (been trying to find pugs in ages(got key)), os25+3D
Nax's and 7/14 in ulduar instead of 6/14 achievements can be found in my alt caputa

Why do you want to join Serenity?
First and foremost, one of the most respectable Guilds in Bronzebeard, i have done some heroics with a few members in pugs no idea if any would like to recomended and quite honestly i pug too much so i recognize some names just not from where.

Do you have open applications to other guilds?

Any member in Serenity that can vouch for you?
I can't say that i have knowledge of such but i'll gladly show you what i can do /can't do.

The important questions now. Please take a moment to think about those before you answer.

This is probably the most important question. We are a raiding guild, and even though we do not force anyone into raiding, we are expecting players that will join us to show interest in raiding at least 3-4 days each week. Are you interested in raiding several days a week regularly???
Yes this is one of the reason i'm applying. (Trappisten 1night a week raid for 6-7boss's in uld10)

We do not spend a lot of time on farmed content, but we do spend a lot of times on progression, which means a lot of wiping with often very little progress. This is how we kill hard bosses and push the content. Is that what you are interested in?
No Fun Without Wipes and As Long as Gnome dies no problem.

Can you play at our official raiding times which are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 9pm - 1am server time?
Suits me great as i get home by 20h-20h30, dinner and at 21h i'm ready

Can you log on to the Serenity website to read what is happening and sign up on the raid calendar each week whether you can attend raids or not?
Yes during the daytime in the university i spent most of the day with wifi access so i can check almost hourly.

Do you intend to show up for raids prepared, PVE raid specced, repaired, enchanted, gemmed and with a proper set of buffs (food buffs and potions/flasks)?
Yes i have allways a 10stack of stoneblood/distilled wisdom and max food for both specs usually some fishies aswell.

We are using a Zero-Sum DKP system, do you agree with this?
(X) YES ( ) NO

(X) I have read the Forum sticky: Intro to Serenity
(X) I have read the Forum sticky: Guild Rules and Goals

On a Post-Apply Comment:
I've been search carefully through Server forums, talks with some friends regarding which Guild to apply. I'm a bit social in the terms that i dont play 10hours a day or anything. i'm on the last year of my degree in Computer Science- Master in Network Security but i've been playing since good old times when polymorph didn't got removed by damage ^^.
My real life name is Pedro, I've untill now mostly used Ventrilo till Wolk then Skype for Trappisten.
In trappisten i'm a officer and raid leader and usually mentor for newbies.
I'm not saying this info to force myself into anything and i do not enforce on others what i think and i know when to speak when to stay quiet but i've been playing for some time and i do my own research rather then use the ones available so i don't claim stupid things just because i've read it somewhere.

P.S.: Pie's for Life and A Good Gnome is a DEAD Gnome :p
P.S.2.: It seems WoW Heroes caught me with my pvp gear in holy I'll update it tonight.


Postby Ronzoz » Thu Oct 29, 2009 1:17 pm

Olá Pedro, nice to see another Portuguese around, good luck with your app ;)

Note: one detail tho, we usually need to be ready at 20:30 for raid invites.
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Postby acosta » Thu Oct 29, 2009 2:21 pm

Ronzoz wrote:Olá Pedro, nice to see another Portuguese around, good luck with your app ;)

Note: one detail tho, we usually need to be ready at 20:30 for raid invites.

Being online at 20:30 is not a issue. being ready to start at 20:30 is.
between 20:30 and 21 i'm cooking/eating/dishes.

cheers and thanks for the good luck wishes

Sorry for the portuguese but
(jantar cedo e o caraças mas prontos é o problema dos horários)

Postby Mikah » Thu Oct 29, 2009 2:29 pm

Thank you for taking the time to write up an application.

We'll discuss it and come back to you asap.
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Postby acosta » Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:12 pm

Just Updated the Holy gear to the pve.
Some gems in the holy are still rare only as its my offspec but i have plans to convert it soon just need some time to farm a bit more.
Good night

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