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Class/Recruitment Availability

Postby Mikah » Tue Jan 30, 2007 12:53 pm

These are the classes we currently need. We try to keep a certain class balance.

Please note that although our roster is currently quite full and well balanced for 25 man raiding, we will still consider good applications for every classes. Applicants should be fully geared to the current iLevel standards and have experience in all previous instances including Hard Modes. Applications for Casual status will almost always be rejected

Even if a class is closed, every application will be carefully reviewed!

Warrior: LOW
Rogue: LOW
Hunter: LOW
Paladin: LOW
Druid: HIGH(Tank)
Priest: MEDIUM(Holy/Disc)
Mage: LOW
Monk: HIGH(Tank)
Warlock: LOW
Death Knight: HIGH(Tank)

On classes listed as CLOSED, we will most likely deny you unless you have an outstanding application or that we think you would fit perfectly with the guild.

EDIT: Red 17/04/12
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