Serenity Recruitment Forum Guidelines

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Serenity Recruitment Forum Guidelines

Postby Theseus » Wed May 02, 2007 10:30 pm

Welcome the Serenity Recruitment forum. Here you can post your application for membership in Serenity, check on the status of your application, and read the important recruitment documents.

In addition others can comment and provide feedback on potential recruits, positive or negative. If you are going dish out information of the negative kind, be prepared to back it up with proof in the form of screen shots, forum links, chat logs and the like. Trolling of any kind will not be permitted. For a definition of trolling see the following:
  • This poster is posting in an inflammatory manner and has not addressed the discussion at hand in any way, shape or form.
  • The poster has not posted in an inflammatory manner, but is posting obvious nonsense.

Threads that degenerate into trolling or a flame war will be locked.

The Serenity Recruitment forums are for the purpose of recruitment for the guild Serenity. Any off topic or "silly" threads may be removed or moved to the correct forum, repeat offenders will face account suspensions and/or bans.

In particular, "spam" threads/posts (posts to any commercial website, pornography, or other topics that violate this site's Terms of Service) will be nuked immediately. This ban includes posting images that could be considered pornography/obscene.

Posters of "spam" threads/posts will be permanently banned from our site and forums. We do log IP addresses and so we can report you to your ISP.

In addition, do not post links to exe files of any kind. This includes exe files packed inside compressed archives such as .zip or .rar. This also includes any other form of executable file no matter the extension. Posts containing links to executable files will be edited to remove the link, threads that are solely for the purpose of posting such links will be deleted and the poster may face a permanent site ban.

Note to Applicants: Prior to applying for membership in Serenity, please read all of the stickied threads. Do not post applications in this or any other Stickied thread. Please start a new thread for your application.
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